The Sacred Love Story 

Sacred Love Inc. originated out of founder Karinna Karsten's life long pursuit of the answers to, What is great love? and What makes great intimacy? She has spent over two decades researching, learning and teaching powerful global ideas and practices to positively transform your love life and overall lifestyle. 

Sacred Love's mission is to create inspiring, beautiful media, products and services to enrich and elevate love and intimacy as a new vision for our planet.

As we broadcast uplifting and thought provoking love imagery and messages we focus on raising awareness about the importance of self love, relational love and intimate love in our lives and the benefits for our larger communities.

Through our work, we support people to imagine the possibility of and to experience the highest quality, most meaningful, empowered, ecstatic love.

Our Love Team members are top in their fields of expertise and are passionate about sharing the power of love with people like you, around the world.

What we value...

Sacred Love's company values begin with LOVE. We know LOVE has the power to change the world.

We also value

Healthy Relationship Dynamics
Self Esteem, Self Love and Self Care
Creativity in Love, Work and Life
Alignment in Passion and Purpose
Alignment in Relationships
Integrity... Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
Doing What You Say You Will Do.
Great Communication
Quality Service
Support to Thrive
Giving Forward.

You deserve a great relationship and our goal is to help you create one. 

Whether you are single and looking, or already in a relationship that you just want to make stronger and have more fun in, we have the resources available to help you achieve the love you desire. Whatever stage you are at in your love life we at Sacred Love are ready to assist you with all the matchmaking and relationship enhancement services and tools you may need to help you have the fulfilling relationship of your dreams.

Let us help you get started with experiencing Sacred Love now.