The Love Spa offers you immediate access to experience our entire “Love School,” which includes an audio/visual media menu for improving dating and relationship success.  Learn how to date, how to kiss, how to be romantic, how to have better sex, how to get romance back or how to find love.  These are just a few of the things you will discover from the Love Spa.  Revitalize your relationship and find the best romance tips.  Achieve success at dating.

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, The Love Spa provides the love education to help you rejuvenate your love life, grow as a lover, and experience more romance and intimacy than ever before. Love Spa menu selections range between 3 and 30 minutes in length, always making it easily accessible to fit into your busy schedule.


"Products I've purchased in the past to educate myself about men and creating harmonious relationships have proposed, quite frankly, some ideas I found to be quite ridiculous. At best, the good information was mixed in with some very pablum tips. Karinna has obviously studied all aspects of the art of love and romance very deeply over many years, and I found many of the answers I've been searching for in The Love Spa".

TV Editor
Los Angeles

Love Spa Membership Offers You:

  • Sophisticated, Empowering Audio and Video Lessons on How to Create Great Love in Your Life Now
  • Quick Self Confidence-Boosting Methods
  • Successful How to Date Practices
  • Guidance for Attracting and Choosing the Right Partner, Opening Your Heart Again, Enriching Communication within Your Relationship
  • Step by Step Relationship and Marriage Advice
  • Sacred Love Skills for Love and Intimacy
  • Visually Beautiful, Sexual Intimacy Enhancing Techniques for Couples


Single/Couple Pricing:
Only $49.99 for a Monthly Membership

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